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Why stop there?

October 28th, 2010 · 2 Comments

I ride my bicycle to work. It’s not far. It takes maybe three minutes on day when the traffic lights aren’t going my way.

Even though it’s not much of a ride, I still am honored nearly every day to share the road with drivers who apparently have forgotten any traffic laws they ever knew. Too many stories to tell, so I’ll just outline my favorite recurring scenario.

I’m stopped at a stop sign at an intersection. It’s not a four way stop, just a two way stop. Meaning the cars crossing my path don’t have a stop sign. A car that should be crossing my path slows to a stop near the intersection and attempts to wave me across the road. Remember, they don’t have a stop sign. Other drivers coming up behind them aren’t expecting them to stop in the middle of the road. This is insane behavior, yet I see it almost every day. I just impatiently wave them on, then cross when it’s clear. Like a sane person.

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