Why Fandango Sucks

I’m a big fan of this whole Internet thing; I think it here to stay for sure. And I buy lots of stuff on the Internet: plane tickets, bicycle stuff, electronics, etc. But I can tell you that I did not enjoy purchasing movie tickets for the first time over the Internet.

As I stated in a previous post, some co-workers and I were chatting late last week and thought it would be interesting to see if tickets were available for the first showing of the new Star Wars flick. I visited Fandango and saw that tickets were indeed available. We ordered them up and I was given the following email confirmation:


I know you might have to remove your jaw from the floor after looking at the price for 8 people, but something else looked a little funny to me. All the commercials had stated that the movie opens on May 19. So I took the additional step of calling the theater to double check. They confirmed, “Wednesday night, 12:01 AM.” Cool I thought, NYC gets the movie a day early.

Well it seems that Fandango’s calendar is from a galaxy that is a little off from our own. We show up last night and the lobby is empty. We walk in, hand over the info, they print the ticket stubs and dude says, “Great, see you tomorrow night.”

We all look at each other quizzically and then look at the guy like he is from Mars. “Ummmm, Wednesday 12:01 AM is in about an hour dude. What do you mean tomorrow night?”

He responds by saying, “Oh, the movie shows at 12:01 AM Wednesday, you know, tomorrow night.”

I said, “No, that would be Thursday, 12:01 AM.”

I picked up the receipt again, looked at it, and asked for the manager. We ended up getting conflicting stories from the same person. This is the first hint that someone does not know what he or she is talking about. First she tries to convince us that Wednesday 12:01 AM is not in about an hour (it was about 11 PM Tuesday evening), 12:01 AM Wednesday was actually about 25 hours away.

I respond by saying, “Well, in the world I have lived in for over 30 years, I would call that, Thursday 12:01 AM.”

Seeing the logic, she then stated that it was a Fandango issue. I asked how to contact Fandango and she said she’d take care of it. This is the colloquial, “I won’t do crap about it so just go away.”

So, I figure a blog entry and a response to customer service might do me some good. Kimberly’s dissatisfaction with Gateway helped inspire me. I just hope that tonight I am not told that Wednesday is actually Friday . . .

22 Responses to “Why Fandango Sucks”

  1. Kimberly says:

    Man, that REALLY makes me mad! Ignoramuses!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Plus, I just really little the title of your post.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Crap. LIKE. I meant like.

  4. Charlie says:

    Well they just sold me tix fer Big Momma 2 when I ordered Pink Panther. No place to complain to so I call the phone number for the theater. It’s a fax line.

    Last time I’ll ever use Fanswindle.

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  8. Whoever decided to show the film at 12:01 was just asking for confusion to ensue. When will they learn?

    - Gary Webber

  9. Sparkable says:

    Fandango times are constantly wrong!

  10. Allan Thomas says:

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  17. Jo Van Lease says:

    Revenge! Ja Ja binks was revenge enough, Lucas should remake that one

  18. Van Sales says:

    Nothing compares with the first movie

  19. Maybe I’m overreacting. But if I pay 24 dollars for movie tickets, I sure as hell expect to be able to VIEW THE MOVIE. And if, for some reason I can’t get in, I further expect to be refunded.

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