It’s a Small World

As I have grown older the world seems to continually grow smaller. The links and relationships that sprout up in conversation and now through the Internet amaze me. For example, the person who made it possible for me to join, Brendon, taught in Korea in the same city I did at the same time but we never met in Korea, we met when we started our graduate program back in the states.

In another graduate school small world scenario, my friend Blue worked about 15 feet from my wife for about a year before Blue and I met in our graduate program. Weirdness.

Anyway, the latest small world story involves a lost bag. Back in December Blue and I were riding up the west side of Manhattan and stumbled upon a pannier bag in the pathway. We searched the bag for a piece of identification but were only able to find a receipt with the name Josh Rosenblum on it. I posted an entry back in December with the name hoping that someone might randomly stumble upon it so we could get Josh his bag back. Well, it is a small world after all.

About two weeks ago I got an email from Josh. He said his Mom had been doing some searches on his name and ran across my blog entry. So last Saturday Blue and I met up with Josh, who lives in Connecticut, to give him his bag back.

But the small world scenario did not end there. Josh had plans in Manhattan the day we met him to visit a museum. There are hundreds and museums in Manhattan and wouldn’t you know it, Blue’s wife works at the Museum Josh was going to visit. Not only that, but Josh is moving to NYC and entering the same teaching program that Blue is just finishing. Makes Twighlight Zone music start to play in your head huh?

Say, I have an idea for a TV show. Yes, call the show It’s a Small World and feature real world vignettes. If any network wants to hire me, feel free to send me an email.

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  1. David Lassenfelter says:

    Hi Matt–

    I work in program development at NBC. I just ran across this blog post on your website that talk about your concept for a new television show. I’m interested in hearing more–do you have a pilot script in development? We’re working on new shows that will air exclusively on iTunes, but not on “normal” television. I think your “Small World” idea might be an ideal vehicle for that format.

    I see that you’re in NYC…Manahattan? Perhaps we could grab a bagel and soup sometime. Also, are you Jewish? I wonder if you’d like to come to Synagogue with me and meet my parents. You could even bring your orange hat. All the fellows wear hats there, but your orange had would really cause a stir! Maybe there is another television show idea–Orange Hat Guy takes on NYC!

    We’ve got a lot to talk about. Call me.

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